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LEGO-Comedy: "RECHERCHE" - Der kleine (eckige) Erziehungsratgeber

**** extra english voice version coming soon *****
please use captions in english - voices are german.
this is my entry to german brickfilmfestival STEINEREI.
it is awarded with
"best stop-motion-animation" and "best voice performance".

Background. "Der kleine Erziehungsratgeber" is a german Radio-Comedy. And i suddenly heard "RECHERCHE". I could not believe my ears they are talking about LEGO-Films, poems of Goethe in LEGO-Bricks and all sudden everything was about "brickfilming".
(i made several Goethe poems in bricks a century ago)
So i called the producer and we both had a good lough and i asked for permission to make his Radio-Comedy again to a Lego-Film.

Original-Voices: Florian von Westerholt / Moritz von Westerholt
golego animation, Germany 2019. 00:04:50

and here is a little making of:

have fun


Production team
golego animationProducer, project's creator

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I found it really cool but weird when I first watched it. The genesis you wrote makes it more comprehensible though. The characters look great mini/sunnies

Really good Brick built characters and very well animated - I enjoyed this - well done mini/smile


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