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Highway To Heaven [Steinerei 2019]

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What happens after you die? Many people ask themselves this question. But when the heavenly messenger stands at the door, who wouldn't want to find out?

The film won the main prize at the Steinerei 2019, as well as "best screenplay" and "best sounddesign".

Enjoy! And we look forward to feedback from you!

Production team
Legostudio01Producer, project's creator

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Wow, the awards are well deserved!

The constant camera movement is consistently great,  adding not only visual interest, but conveying the idea of "driving" incredibly effectively. The story itself is very interesting, beginning with the premise of a man that knows when he will die, then allowing us along for the ride as he leaves the world.

Spoiler (click to read)

As a Christian, I naturally have very strong views on death and the afterlife, and this film did a great job telling the story, including the final twist, with a universal appeal. Since it avoided any particular position on the afterlife, and ended up flipping the religious imagery on it's head with the ending, it remains inoffensive and enjoyable by all.

A wonderful film, thanks for sharing!

Thanks a lot! Yes, we definitely aimed towards a universal audience and it's nice to hear that we pulled that off  mini/smile


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