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Benny n' Lee in: Sticky Situation

A quick film with Benny n' Lee made in about a week to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the creation of the disgusting stain that has long defaced their wall. The stain first appears in Benny n' Lee Valentines Day Special, which is an installment I don't think holds up particularly well, but you can watch it here if you want:

This is the first Benny n' Lee shot on a DSLR and using Dragonframe, and so is also a bit of a hardware and software test. I was originally trying to make this as a submission for Brickfilm Day 2019, but I didn't realise how long the animation would take since Dragonframe makes it possible to time everything so nicely. Big thanks to Brickfilm Day anyway, as without them, I wouldn't have made anything at all.

Production team
sillypentaProducer, project's creator

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Fantastic! Seems they forgot the incident that caused this. mini/lol

Very funny as usual! Great job, Penta! mini/bigsmile
(the stain is even more disguting when you see it from very close...)

Ahahaha, this is great! Your style of humor always cracks me up.

These guys are using practical atmospherics:

I believe the trick to getting it right is to use oil based haze. It's thin and lingers for a long time. I have also seen people use several layers of glass to create a buttery soft atmosphere


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