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Lego Building a Cathedral

In collaboration with the Archdiocese of Paderborn, we are telling the story about the construction of the cathedral in Paderborn to young and old people in our new short film. Regarding the 950th anniversary of our cathedral, we are also constructing a detailed LEGO model in a scale of 1:100.

First, you will learn more about the workers in the quarry, as well as about the blacksmith at work. At the end of the film we will take you to the construction site, at which the landmark of Paderborn arised 800 years ago.

A radio announcer of Radio Hochstift recorded the explanatory texts. The music was produced by the music studio IMAscore in Paderborn.

Production team
hundbraxProducer, project's creator

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Good job. Loved all the little touches to the animation. And the variety of colours used.
It’s a lot of work I sensed to make this replica and makes one appreciate the original even more.

Very nice, takes me back to the David Macaulay book, and maybe a little Rick Steves of course!

This was excellent. It managed to demonstrate and explain the process of building the Cathedral in a very fun and captivating way. The model of the Cathedral itself is really impressive, and the animation was really well done!

Great Work! That is amazing! mini/bigsmile

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