My Unluckyish Life- Episode 5: The Slippery Slope | Brick à Brack

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My Unluckyish Life- Episode 5: The Slippery Slope

One winter day, Alex and Percy decide to drive out to a giant snow-covered hill and "try" to go sledding... Emphasis on the word "try!"
(Also, yes. I realize that the title is kinda cliche...)

A Behind the Scenes video is on it's way!!

The My Unluckyish Life Playlist-

All set to the tune of the William Tell Overture and the Can-Can.

Hi I'm SuitedNinjaNerd, I make funny, family-friendly LEGO Stop-motion Animations. Feel free to check out the other great videos I have to offer, and don't forget to like, share, subscribe and hit the little bell icon to always be updated on new videos.

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Fantastic brickfilm! The skiing scenes were especially impressive. Good work!

Like AlphaWeasel, I really liked your video ! A lot of work should have been put in mini/eek

This is another great addition to the My Unluckyish Life series. I absolutely loved Episode 4, but this one might be even better.

I really like the set design, and the effects, especially when he falls into the snow, and the micro scale shot. I also like the use of classical music!

Wow, great animation. I loved it

This was really well done! I was impressed with how sharp all the colors were -- The sky was a brilliant blue and the snow was a crisp, clean white. Everything was colorful and contrasted well. The camera movements were also great, moving  around quickly without being too jarring. And the environments were all exceptionally well-done. All in all, an excellent film! mini/bigsmile

Great stuff, Trevor! The idea was simple, but SUUUPPEERR well executed. Fantastic animation and set building. Wow, look at those sets. Keep it up!

Great stuff as always!

I've seen your work in the past (this excellent series in particular), yet have neglected taking the time to comment up to this point. Really liked the creative and playful animation going on here. The giant snowball, mini scale car scene, and sled splitting in half are just a few of the scenes that really stood out to me. I really appreciate your above average production standards. Keep it up!

Very entertaining and really well animated - I particularly liked how you designed the imprints he created when landing in the snow at 2 mins 8 seconds  - great work! mini/smile

There’s not much left to say, but this was really really good!

I really loved your animation


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