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The Winterlympic Games (full cartoon)

The culmination of my Winterlympics project in which I released 17 clips, one each day throughout the duration of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Here is the final cartoon with all scenes edited together, and featuring newly created narration, as well as 7 never before seen bonus clips! Five are cut into the cartoon, and two are outtakes featured in the closing credits.

Special thanks to the voice talents of:

Noah Sprague Studios

And Brick Broadcasting

And featuring Gollum music by:

Production team
thistofProducer, project's creator
Brick BroadcastingVoice actor (Team Netherlands)
Noah Sprague StudiosVoice actor (Gollum)

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Great job love the cartoon like animation

Great concepts and it’s pulled off flawlessly. There should be more views and comments mini/confused


Great concepts and it’s pulled off flawlessly. There should be more views and comments mini/confused

Thanks, I'm sure a lot of those views and comments are spread over the course of the series as each segment was released during the Olympics. Thanks to everyone who stayed tooned!

Thanks!  We just found this website - so all the comments are appreciated and he has the most views he has ever had - so not too bad. Plus he has found the forums and comments to make his videos better!

This was a fantastic collection of shorts. Great work! mini/smile

How did I miss this?  This is an amazing film - such great cartoony animation - the physics were spot on and made me laugh- especially the guy going head first into the snow.  Nice set builds that were detailed enough but not too much to distract from the action. You've done a really good job with this - well done  mini/smile

Yeah this was really really great! Normally I would give people a small critique as how to improve, but this is just about perfect!


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