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LEGO Star Wars: Lando's Deal

The galaxy's most charming rogue faces a deal gone sour, can he make it out alive?

Production team
Ant BanditProducer, project's creator

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I'm...Amazed. This is seriously on my list of amazing brickfilms that have come out this month. It's right up there with Pongowl's film, Unbridled Mischief. I'm very impressed with this brickfilm, hope to see more like it in the future. The ship animation was really good, and the sound and music blended perfectly with the animation. An all-around fantastic brickfilm! mini/smile

WOW. This is truly amazing. The sets, the animation, the voices, story, music, in camera effects, everything was perfect. I liked how the ships seemed kind of suspended as if on string, it had the right feel for a brickfilm. Looking at your BTS video I can see what an elaborate and professional production this was. If I had to nitpick, the techno song didn't really fit for me, and ended kind of abruptly, but it's a very minor point. This is truly incredible and one of the best IP brickfilms I've seen, let's hope the Han Solo movie captures even a fraction of what you have done here.

Wow! Really well done this tribute to the famous character of the Star Wars trilogy! The special effects are really well made, especially the blaster shots and the lights mini/bigsmile
I watched too the Behind the scences and it is very interresting mini/smile


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