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Quest for Life

Un chevalier vaillant s'aventure à la recherche d'un objet précieux, va-t-il y parvenir..?

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LegoanderProducer, project's creator

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mini/eek I don't even know where to start......

The behind the scenes page is really cool. The spiders were a great touch, a memento mori as well as a moment to moment transition setting the tone. Cutting and burning the pieces was a worthy sacrifice as well, and really added to the production value. A truly great work of cinema, and something to be proud of.

Loved it! mini/bigsmile  (it's definitely more optimistic than your previous brickfilm...)
The photography and cinematography are really magnificent and the music fits very well too.
Congrats for winning 1st place in the Spirit of Adventure contest! Totally deserved!

(And it also reminds us of an old brickfilm called Fred's Day:

First I went "aww" in a bad way then I went "aww" in a good way. Nice. mini/smile

Thank you all for your nice comments! mini/bigsmile
Making a brickfilm which ended on a positive note was definitively a welcome twist we haven't done in a while mini/smile  And of course we are really happy how everything turned out, maybe we'll burn even more pieces for our next production mini/lol


The behind the scenes page is really cool.

Glad you enjoyed it! For all those of you who missed it, go check it out:
Behind the scenes

Wow!!! You make me want to work harder on my stopmotion! That was sooo good! And I’m learning a lot from your webpage, that’s great that you give tips and ideas to other creators! Thanks!


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