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Hold the Lines : Operation Cobra

C'est la guerre... La tyrannie de la DarkForce s'empare des derniers territoires libres... BILL FURY, espions au service de la LightForce, a été capturé par le sinistre COLONEL MOUTARDE. Alors que tout espoir semble perdu, une dernière opération secrète est lancée...

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This is really impressive - especially the VFX! I really love the opening credits style. Oh, and the voice acting is great as well - most notably Mustard. mini/wink
I would say the final fight scene was a bit short for being the climax, but it was definitely the best of the hand-to-hand combat in the film.

Congratulations on finishing an almost 20-minute brickfilm! That alone is remarkable. mini/bigsmile

Honestly this just blew me away, the fighting sequences, the lightning, the effects, the tone, the intro...
This, in my opinion, is one of the greatest brickfilms ever, it deserves to be up there with the best of the best.

I'm gonna bump this because it got buried by BRAWL films. Totally deserves to be seen, and it feels shorter than it is while watching, which is a good thing.

Wow, glad this was bumped. This is without a doubt on of the best brickfilms I've seen. There's so much here worth praising that I can't possibly list it all. What I liked most is that it managed to capture the genuine feeling of excitement you get when watching a well-made action movie, especially during that helicopter scene. Fantastic work on the part of everyone involved.

This is a fantastic, white nickle action adventure - the type of thing you don't see often in brickfilm form. I first saw the trailer for this film on Facebook, but missed it upon it's release, because of being buried during BRAWL. Everything, from the action, the cinematography, even the voice acting worked to a 'T'. This is a 10/10 and a must see!


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