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Outlook Of A Myopic

Voici mon entrée pour BRAWL 2013 (Sur Bricks In Motion).

Production team
LoïcProducer, project's creator

Brick à Brack (26)Bricks In Motion (18)

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This was my favorite entry so far. Awesome job, Loic!

Oh man, that was some amazing cinematography. Kudos.

Beautiful, Loic! Beautiful.

This film is really good, I mean really good.  I love your interpretation of the theme so much.  It's very clever and feels really deep.

You did a wonderful job on the selection of music, and the animation for such a big fight and also the sound of war is really impressive.
I applaud you, sir Strange Villain.

I'll try to remember to watch this on the TV later when I have a chance.

That was beautiful, your cinema photography is gorgeous and the interoperation was very good.

Very impressed.

Of all the entries I have seen so far this one probably best describes the topic.

Anyways, great animation, lighting, editing, and everything was perfect. 5 stars. mini/bigsmile

Oh, wow.
Amazing job on creating and sustaining the chaotic atmosphere. It was beautiful to say the least.
Sure, there isn't as much story as many others, but what is here is very good.

I'd like to break away form the others and say that something just looks off. I think the contrast is a bit too high, but that may not be it.

Anyway, it's one of best that I've seen so far. Thanks for entering and making the beauty.

Thanks all!

Pritchard Studios

I think the contrast is a bit too high, but that may not be it.

The high-contrast is an artistic choice.

When I saw some of your frames, I was kinda iffy on the high-contrast, but I like it in the entry. It's really stylistic and looks really cool.

Overall, this is a great entry, and I'm sure it'll contend really high up in the judging. mini/smile

The only thing that I didn't like was the man shaking, it ruined the atmosphere for me. Otherwise, the most engaging entry I have seen so far.


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