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News • Brickfilmers in frying! - Steinerei 2019

Brickfilmers in frying! - Steinerei 2019

By Max_LG (Jul. 15, 2019)

Many kilometres had to be done by all lovers of German brickfilm to be present at this festival. But what a festival!
Never before has a festival theme had such significant, having had the chance to experience this as a visitor, I was able to explore one by one all the possible and unimaginable meanings that this sentence can contain.

Starting with the trip: how to prepare 1000 km of crossing across Europe as quickly as possible "Butter bei die Fische, wann sollen wir denn losfahren, was kostet das und wann sind wir zurück?",
As soon as I arrived at the station, I hurried to find the appointment, crossed the alleys with brasseries and restaurants, exhaling their smell of fried fish in butter, made a place for myself until the counter always pressed for time and pronounced in an incorrect German the sentence that will allow me to make myself understood while going to the essential without discussion.

Finally installed in my comfortable armchair, lit by the soft light of the lamps. In the middle of the muffled noise of the crowd that came in large numbers and with the family I see some faces of brickfilmers, whom the passion for brickfilm has made me familiar. In the distance in the corner, I observe a table facing the audience. On this one, well stacked, the famous festival trophy, bricks (real bricklayer bricks) ! Just behind these bricks, we can guess the heap of LEGO boxes, completing the prize package for the first places in each category.
This year, these batches are more numerous for this edition. This follows a long discussion by the Steinerei organizers on the choice of a broader reward for their work and the time they were able to devote.

Not far from there, the tension is felt on the master of ceremonies' face, every second that passes is a plea and at the same time a release for him. This year, @Torben, volunteered to host the 15th edition of Steinerei. He has only two objectives: to honour this festival by organizing a high quality festival and not to drop his microphone from these shaky hands.

The lights go out. The diffusion of brickfilms begins. Between each entry, the jury chooses from a panel of known individuals more or less related to the world of cinema or LEGO, takes the time to argue in front of the audience, the advantages of the brickfilm and their impression. The interlude ends with the creator's intervention giving two three anecdotes (or a song perched high for some ) At the back of the room, @golego animation will support with all these forces the spectators' congratulations after each screening.

The event reaches its climax with the announcement of the results and the public vote. Discover it now.

Best Brickfilm.

Highway to Heaven by A&M Studios and @Legostudio01

Best Dramaturgy

Best Framing.

Best Set design.

Best Animation

Best Soundtrack

Best Voice Acting

Best Music Choice

Best Newcomer

Congratulations to all the participants for their high quality brickfilm. The appointment is already booked for the next edition of the Steinerei in 2020 !

→ See the result of the Steinerei on the website (in German)

→ See the playlist of participants

→ See the announcement of the Steinerei 2019 festival

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