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News • #SummerContest2019 : The results are there!

#SummerContest2019 : The results are there!

By Brickfield54 and Maxou44 (Sep. 16, 2019)

Hello everybody!

Many of you were impatiently waiting for the results of the 3 Challenges of the #SummerContest2019, well the wait is finally over!

Challenge 1 : Preproduction

For this first challenge, you were 20 to participate! Your entries were judged by a great jury composed of @Croco Boss, @Gwen Movies, @Kermit, @Yetgo and @Yummy-Burrito-Studios!

You can see all the participations just here. Well, let's get to the ranking!


@Volrog with New York, New York !


@SuitedNinjaNerd Studios with By Gaslight !


@Arginnon avec The Stingray !


@Redbrickstudio with L'abbaye maudite !


@Brickfield54 with Le Monde Bleu !

Congratulations to all your entries! The winners leave with lots of rewards!
You can see all the ratings at this place!

Challenge 2 : Production

For this challenge, it's @Gwen Movies and @Brickfield54 who noted your 24 participations!
You were noted on the animation, the sets and the lightings!

The first 5 are:




@Arginnon with LEGO Time Cruisers: Origins Preview Clip !


@bricktoto 125 with 1940 Tank Encounter !


@Yetgo with pan - A One Take Brickfilm || Summer Contest 2019 !


@thefourmonkeys with LEGO Moon Madness !

Congrulation everyone! The results are still tight!

You can see all the entries and the ranking here!

Challenge 3 : Préproduction

The last challenge was noted by @Brickfield54 and @Croco Boss. You were edited 25 beautiful and dynamic trailers!

So let's go to see the winners!


@Clodoloco with Bande Annonce : Le Siècle Froid - Participation Challenge 3


@Gwen Movies with Hold The Lines Trailer - Summer Contest Part III !


@Yetgo with The Summer Contest Playlist - TRAILER !


@Bricks & Pieces with Avengers Assembled | Event Trailer !


@masterwonder with Bande Annonce Incident 74 !

One more time, nice job for you and everybody! You win a lot of lego!

The ranking is available here!

So the results ara finished! Thanks to everyone for your patience! Also thanks to LEGO, our partner!

See you next time!

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Congrats to the winners! It was a great time making my entries and watching those of all of you.
With so many great films/screenplays/trailers, some sadly did not get into the top 5. Still, it was great watching them and brought me to many animaters I didn't know before!

Congratulations !

Two times 6th place quite close... Double-oof!!

But still congratulations to all the winners.
These competitions were supercool! I can definetively say I had a blast! I guess everybody too.

Congrats to the winners. Thank you Brick à Brack for giving me the motivation to make a short animation this summer. I had so much fun creating it.

Ahhh GG, I tried lol Congrats tho!

@minideliciouspantAhhh GG, I tried lol Congrats tho!
Nice job for your entry of the 2nd challenge, I like it !

Congrats everybody !

@minideliciouspantAhhh GG, I tried lol Congrats tho!
Nice job for your entry of the 2nd challenge, I like it !

Congrats everybody !

Thank you

Congrats everyone! I little sad about 14th place...

sell the sets you can buy chiggin nuckets

chiggin nuckets are life

@PlasticPointProductionsCongrats everyone! I little sad about 14th place...

You lost a few points because your plan wasn't really one plan (we talked about it on your brickfilm). And the results are very close!


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