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The Minifig's Journey 2019

By Brickfield54 and Maxou44 (Jul. 7, 2019)

Good morning, everyone!

Summer is here, it is time for the:

The Minifig's Journey 2019

This photo contest has not changed in recent years: you take your camera (or your phone), and a minifigure during your summer trip, then you take a beautiful photo that will allow you to participate!

Of course, there's no need to travel to Tahiti to win! If you are on holiday near a plain, you have as much chance of winning!

The rules:

  • Small MOCs are allowed (do not install an entire city either).
  • The number of photographs per participant is limited to two maximum.
  • Do not put any text or your name on the picture.
  • Small effects allowed in post-production but don't overdo it! (inlays are prohibited).

Do you want to participate?

It's very simple, take your picture and send it by private message to @Brickfield54. It will then be posted by the staff on a dedicated topic to preserve the anonymity of the photographs

A little change about the vote: The winners will be chosen by the community with a public vote on the topic!

You have until Sunday, September 1st, 2019 at 11:59pm (all timezones) to send your entries!


The top three will win a LEGO minifigurine!

Have a great holiday!
Kisses from the staff

Good luck to all!

Hope you have/had a great summer vacation

Good luck

Yay! Perfect timing considering I am flying to Colorado in two days! I will bring along a minifigure!

Awesome! Looks like fun!

One photo? Or how many are we allowed to make?


You can only make 2 I send him 3 and he said that the maximum is 2

Hope that helps

@Bricktown Films@AoW-Gamer

You can only make 2 I send him 3 and he said that the maximum is 2

Hope that helps

Alright, thanks a lot!


You’re welcome

Oh I'm going to enter this.

Any estimate on when the images will be posted for voting?


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