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The Brickstars 2018

By MBstudio and Brick Broadcasting (Dec. 1, 2018)

Hello Brick à Brack!

As every year for nearly 10 years now, we are offering you an exceptional competition that rewards the best brickfilms of the year! 

But unlike what you have seen in previous years, e.g. the same brickfilm participating in multiple categories and winning several prizes, we will celebrate and award prizes to many brickfilmers!

We reviewed everything! This year there will be only one category, "Best brickfilm", and we will reward the top 10 places for both the French and the English speaking community. So there will be, a total of, 20 prizes (10fra + 10eng). You will obviously not be able to participate in both categories! Staff will put your brickfilm in the most suitable category based on the language of your brickfilm and your position in the community.

To participate go to the #Brickstars2018 page and click on "Registration" on the contest page. Note that your Brickfilm must have been posted on Brick à Brack and published between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018.


The results will be announced in January 2019, once the jury has scored, commented and evaluated all the brickfilms.

Two live shows will be organized to announce the results. One for Francophones and one for Anglophones.

The goal of the Brickstars is to highlight all the great creations of our members and that is why the staff will ensure that each of the participations is intelligently rated , so that even the participants who are not in the Top 10 leave at least with the constructive comments of a jury that will really be interested in their work.

We are also looking for volunteers to judge the many creations of the community. If you are interested, simply apply from the dedicated jury page.

See you soon for the results of our #FantasticsBrickfilms contest!

The staff which loves you

→ Contest page

This sounds like SOO much fun!! I am definitely gonna give it a go!

Good luck for the english-speaking community!

Love this, good luck to everyone involved! We've seen some amazing brickfilms this year and so many deserve recognition.

Good luck everybody !

Good luck everyone!

@Zach StudiosGood luck everyone!


yes minidelciouspants, are you glad to see me?


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