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News • #SummerContest2018 - Week 5

#SummerContest2018 - Week 5

By MBstudio (Jul. 30, 2018)

Good morning, everyone!

It's us again! This week, it's time for a sound and score challenge! You will have to add sounds to a Brickfilm from @Brickfield54.

Download video 720p or 1080p

Synopsis : "1798. In the middle of the conquest of Argentina, Private Trimard meets the most beautiful woman in the world. Fleeing the army with her, they take refuge from everything. But the storm is never far from a deserter...
24 years later, his son comes across a mysterious machine, his only way to see his parents one last time.

For this challenge, you'll have to add sound this video! It is up to you to write the dialogue and to choose if the use of voice-overs can be useful. You will also have to consider sound effects and music, of course (you can use copyrighted music in your entries. Always credit your sources!)

Your soundtrack will have to fit exactly with the video. The best way to make sure everything lines up is to put the video in your editing software and then add the sounds on top of it. Make sure you don't edit the film itself! You only have to deal with the audio part, so as not to cause problems when the jury is listening to your work.

Once finished, export only the soundtrack in MP3 or ACC.It should be sent as an email attachment to summercontest2018@brick-a-brack.com with in the subject"[WEEK5]" followed by your nickname on Brick in Brack:"[WEEK5] Bob".

You have until Sunday, August 5, 2018, 23h30 to participate!

As usual, we offer you amazing prizes!
The winner will win the set #21312 from LEGO, the second the set #60107 and the third one of the podium the set #60157!

Share your progress with hashtag #SummerContest2018 on social media! Stay up-to-date on the next parts of our contest by regularly checking our site and our events calendar.

Good luck and see ya!
The BàB Staff

→ Watch the video

→ Download the video (720p)

→ Download the video (1080p)

Sounds ... like fun!

I'll show myself out

Can we post the finished video online?

@UnDouglasCan we post the finished video online?

Yes but explain in description the video was created by @Brickfield54

@UnDouglasCan we post the finished video online?

Yes but explain in description the video was created by @Brickfield54


@chris_gbpSounds ... like fun!

I'll show myself out

You just made my day.

Woww,... beautiful film..

Ooh! Looks like an awesome contest (and stop-motion)

@Brick BroadcastingWoww,... beautiful film..
Thank you

Good luck everybody !

Edit : there was an error : you CAN use copyright music for this contest

Last edited by Brickfield54 (jul. 30, 2018 (11:29am)).

Great idea! We can use sounds from free sound, right?

Last edited by PlasticPointProductions (jul. 30, 2018 (05:30pm)).

What a beautiful film. I might give it a try


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