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News • #SummerContest2018 - Week 1

#SummerContest2018 - Week 1

By Maxou44 and chris_gbp (Jul. 2, 2018)

Good morning, everyone!

Welcome in this first test of #SummerContest2018 ! Wow! What emotion! We hope you're ready for an incredible summer!

Our first test will be a writing challenge! You have until Sunday 8 July 2018 23h59 (end of all time zones) to write a script whose story should be centered on a suitcase.

Your script should be written in your native language - French or English. There is no maximum length, but we recommend that you submit a text of about 750 words (the text should be typed). Syntax or spelling errors will not be penalized by the jury, but be careful as good grammar is far easier to read!

You can find below some examples of scripts:

Example in French #1 - 2fdb47da-domino.pdf
Example in French #2 - 47dc5bea-bring-me-a-dream.pdf
Example in English #1 - fa960599-bob-and-randy-episode-1-script.pdf
Example in English #2 - 72fb0e93-silentcontest.pdf

Your final screenplay should be sent as an attachment (PDF only) by email to summercontest2018@brick-a-brack.com with the subject "[WEEK1]" followed by your nickname on Brick à Brack: "[WEEK1] Bob".

The staff will make available to site members all scripts sent for reading - they will be published on the site after the closing date of the event.

The winner will leave with the LEGO set #60144, the second with the set #60135 and the third with the set #41599.

Share your progress with hashtag #SummerContest2018 on social media! Stay up-to-date on the next parts of our contest by regularly checking our site and our events calendar.

Good luck and see you next Monday,
The staff!

(cracks knuckles)
Alright, let's do this thing!

I have one question... Do we write this for a brickfilm we are going to make later on?

@minideliciouspantI have one question... Do we write this for a brickfilm we are going to make later on?

No, challenges are independent, they are not linked to each other

Ok perfect!

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah! Let's get this party started!

My suitcase has been through a lot... gonna sit down with it and might come up with some good stuff..

Fun challenge..

Just thought of something and couldn't find the answer yet..

@Maxou44 Is it allowed to send in multiple entries per week? If yes, will they all be rated and be eligible to compete for the magnificent prizes? Do points gathered for all entries count for the Badge?

But how do you know people haven't already written a script in advance? There aren't any themes or some equivilant to mod elements...

@JO Co it's themed... sort of.... '..write a script whose story should be centered on a suitcase.'


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