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Cinébrick - Discover the results

By Max_LG (Jun. 13, 2018)

Since a few days, the Cinébrick brickfilm festival has just announced the winners of its 6th edition. The success of word of mouth and the relay of current events in the AFOL world has made this event in Portugal a must for European AFOL. Organized in parallel for the LEGO Fan Weekend by the community 0937, this brickfilm festival is the occasion for its visitors to discover this so singular branch of the AFOL world. Among the 6000 visitors present for the exhibition, a good part took place in front of a screen to attend the 3 days of programming presenting a good part of the participations received by the organizers of the event. You can find in detail these 3 days of programming by clicking HERE.

The last day was marked by the announcement of the winners. After a first selection of 10 brickfilms selected as finalists of the festival, the jury composed of 3 cinephiles had to find a consensus to designate the winners. Discover it now.

3rd place

LEGO Star Wars: Lando's Deal by @Ant Bandit. Winner of numerous brickfilm festivals (including "Les Brickstars" where he reached the second step of the podium).

2de place

Star Wars LEGO HISHE - Chirrut vs. Everything by @Brotherhood workshop and @Kevin Ulrich Whose popularity is well established and whose present project has been particularly supported by the YouTube channel "How should it have ended? "

1st place

Murder in the arena by @A&M Studios and Legostudio01 Already noticed at the Steinerei 2018 festival.

In a previous article where the festival was announced, I mentioned the need to inform your age to have the possibility to participate in the special category "Under 16". I notice de @Zach Studios has followed these advices well since he wins the honorary prize with his brickfilm The Adventures of Banana Guy

These four winners will have the chance to be contacted soon by the organizers to receive each one of the following prizes:

Congratulations to them and see you for the next edition!

→ See the festival program

→ See Murder in the Arena by A&M Studios and Legostudio01

→ See Star Wars LEGO HISHE - Chirrut vs. Everything by Brotherhood workshop and Kevin Ulrich

→ See LEGO Star Wars: Lando's Deal by Ant bandit

→ See The Adventures of Banana Guy by Zach Studios

→ See the announcement of the festival

Congrats to all of the winners, and congrats to @Zach Studios! He's been working hard on his animations over here at BàB and his work is definitely paying off!

Thanks so much, I am definitely I finished The Adventures of Banana Guy, I didn't want to as things weren't working out, but it was worth it, I got an email a few days ago saying I won the Beatles Yellow Submarine, sssssoooo cool! Thanks Chris M. for the compliment.


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