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Back to the Chti'Brick exhibition

By Brickfield54 and Chris Major (Jun. 7, 2018)

Hello members of Brick à Brack !

Last weekend, the Chti'Brick exhibition took place at Cysoing organized by our friends at Ch'ti LUG !

For the first time, Brick à Brack was present, with a brickfilm workshop organized by @Aiwha, @Max_LGManiac, @Brickfield54 and @Stop-Motion Studio HD.

We were able to share our passion for brickfilming with more than 4000 visitors! Many children and parents had a great time animating their own films and stories. At the end of this article, you can watch a video containing some of their animations!

Moreover, a projection room was available to play many brickfilms for the public! The aventures of Henri & Edmond, the cartoon animation of @sax and other different films attracted and entertained a lot of viewers!

Without further adieu, here is our video of the exhibition!

We hope to come back next year and see more of our BàB friends!

Looks like you made a lot of people enthusiastic for brickfilming

Nice video and thanks for sharing it

Congrats for this amazing event!
I hope that we are going to make something like that with the English-speaking community in the future! It can be awesome!
And nice video.

And to go further in the experience. The organizers made available more than 1000 photos retracing the exhibition via this link


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