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8x8x8 contest

By Maxou44 (Mar. 8, 2018)


#Brickstars2017 is finished, and it will not be back until next year!
What better way to wait than with a new contest?

Please welcome the...

Eighth Edition of the 8x8x8

For those who are not familiar with this contest, the goal is simple: you have to make a brickfilm where each LEGO element is contained in an imaginary cube measuring 8 bricks high, 8 studs long, and 8 studs wide.

For more information about the rules, please visit the contest's dedicated page here.

You have until April 8, 2018 at 11:59 PM (UTC+1), to post your entry on this page, so get to work!

The 5 first will win crunchy prizes offered by our partners!

Good luck!

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This is indeed a pretty hard challenge to pull off.

Cool! I think I'm going to enter this


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