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REBRICK - Continue the Chase (Ninjago)

By Max_LG (Jan. 24, 2018)

Chance of the calendar, while Brick-à-Brack organizes its last animation challenge with the theme "The chase race", REBRICK launches a new official brickfilm competition. Building on the undeniable success of the LEGO Ninjago range, the Danish company celebrates the launch of the new season of the animation series of the same name with its new competition. To be able to participate, you will first of all have to watch this short video.

Why look at it carefully? Have you noticed this unbearable suspense, this genius cliffhanger? I hope so, because it's up to you to invent the sequel in the form of a brickfilm!

In order to be selected as a participant in the competition, you will have to respect this short (non-exhaustive) reminder of the official rules:

  • Your video should last a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 30 seconds.
  • The video will have as central theme the Ninjago range, no other range belonging to the LEGO license (elfes, pirates, city, DC, marvel etc...) is allowed.
  • The use of a soundtrack for the video protected by copyright or even free of charge is not permitted under any circumstances.
  • You can use support materials such as clay and elastic bands, special effects and animation. No custom (minifig or other) will be tolerated.
  • Digital entries are allowed in this contest, as well as special effects.
  • Participants must be at least 13 years old at the time of registration.

It should be noted that several other rules concerning participation formalities, the format of the video or other are available in its full version by clicking on THIS LINK. The competition will end on 15 March 2018 at 16h00 (UTC+1 French time zone or 10h00, UTC-5 Washington) or:

15/03/2018 16 h 00

You will need a little patience and wait until April 9th to know the winners. A small novelty, the votes will be carried out via the application "LEGO Life app" for the category "Spectator's choice". You don't have to come to REBRICK to vote. The votes will be open from 28 March to 4 April.
For the attention of brickfilmeurs residing in the Belle Province (Quebec, Canada), you will not be able to participate in this contest. The reasons given underline a regional law on the protection of these citizens.

Five big winners will have the chance to be offered a huge lot of LEGO sets from the 2018 novelties of the Ninjago range.

Good luck to all our participants

→ See the introductory video to continue.

→ See absolutely the video "behind the scene".

→ See the rules.

The promo brickfilm and the behind the scenes video is awesome!

@thefourmonkeysThe promo brickfilm and the behind the scenes video is awesome!
Oh, many thanks for this information, I add this video now in this article. The famous video is visible on this link.

Last edited by Max_LG (jan. 25, 2018 (02:17pm)).

Since yesterday April 9th, Rebrick has made public the winning entries from the long list of 225 brickfilms (Will you have the courage to watch them all) .

Last edited by Max_LG (apr. 10, 2018 (05:19pm)).


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