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REBRICK - Be an Expert Rebuilder

By Max_LGManiac

For a few days now, the subsidiary of the Danish company REBRICK has just announced its new competition.
For the occasion, become a master builder and show your rebuilding capabilities in stop-motion. For this reason, the lucky owners of a CREATOR set, a modular Expert, a Fairground or a Holiday set will be able to apply for this new LEGO competition.

To do this, a brief reminder of the rules that you will have to follow to be eligible for this new REBRICK competition:

- Your video must last at least 15 seconds and at most 30 seconds.
- The video will focus on the construction of an alternative model from an existing set. The use of LEGO parts or other brands not included in the original set is strictly prohibited.
- The use of a soundtrack for the video protected by copyright or even free is not allowed under any circumstances.
- Don't show your hands in the video - instead, let the model build itself using stop-motion animation.
- Digital entries are allowed in this contest, as well as special effects.
- Your video should only show your model with a minimum of clutter in the background.

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive. Several other rules concerning participation formalities, the video format or other rules can be consulted if you click on HERE.

Of course, the best entries will be graciously rewarded:

The grand prize winner will be offered in more than 5000 VIP pts, a new 2018 Modular Modular Expert Set. For the second and third, they can console themselves with 2500 VIP points credited to their account.

The participations will be closed on 12 January 2018 at 16:00 (French time zone UCT+1). So hurry, hurry, you've only got:


Go for results on January 29th, 2018. Good luck to all our brave competitors.

Looks very interesting. So many brickfilms, so little time! What am I going to do?!

@Yummy-Burrito-StudiosLooks very interesting. So many brickfilms, so little time! What am I going to do?!

If you have no more time, you should enter the Brickstars, as you can choose an already made animation.

Good luck!

Stay classy.

With a total of 76 participants, the LEGO group has finished naming the winners of this competition.

Grand Price winner

and our other finalist

Because nothing can replace 4 cm of plastic to make a good short film with three times nothing.


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