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News • Annual Festival - Steinerei 2018

Annual Festival - Steinerei 2018

By Max_LGManiac

For its fourteenth edition, the STEINEREI brickfilm festival opens its doors. Once again, the organizers have redoubled their efforts to highlight the passion for brickfilm in front of an audience of all ages. This year's theme will be Heroic. The best brickfilms will be shown on the big screen at the Metropolis cinema in Hamburg (Germany) for the great finale!

For those who would like to take part in this venerable festival, you can submit your participation before April 16,2018 at 23:59 (French time zone, UTC+1).

You now have nothing left but 16/04/2018 23 h 59

Before doing so, you will need to observe the following few points of the following rules:
  • Participation must come from the German-speaking area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg or Liechtenstein).
  • Your short film must be mainly created in stop-motion with LEGO or similar building blocks.
  • Digital effects, such as explosions or real appearances are also permitted.
  • The participant must have the rights to the film. Music, images, texts, sounds, etc. must be free of copyright or require the author's permission.
  • Your brickfilm cannot exceed the maximum length allowed (6 min and 30 sec max).
  • Your brickfilm must respect the theme of the Steinerei 2018 (Heroic) competition.
Full rules and regulations are available by clicking HERE.

For this edition, entries may be entered in the following categories:
  • The Brickfilmeur Award for the best and most innovative entry.
  • Prize of the jury: Composed of three professionals from fields related to the brickfilms.
  • Audience Award : The audience present that day will be able to vote for their favourite film.

The 19 May 2018 will take place from 14:00 to 17:00, the awards ceremony will take place in Hamburg. Very nice prizes will be given to the most talented handymen. And if you don't participate as a competitor, nothing is lost, you are cordially invited by the organizers to come on site, take full advantage of the event to meet and discuss with your favorite brickfilmers. For more information, please visit the STEINEREI website by clicking on the following link: HERE. Or if you don't want to waste time, you can register directly on THIS LINK.

Appointment taken for the results of the STEINEREI 2018 festival in:

19/05/2018 16 h 00

→ See the STEINEREI announcement

→ View the online registration form

→ See the festival thread

Nice, too bad I don't live in Germany

A small novelty for our colleagues from across the Rhine. The official selection of the jury members has just been announced.

  • Maike Schade - Managing editor of the Szene-Magazin Hamburg.
  • Dennis Pröing - Radio presenter at the national radio station N-JOY
  • Christoph Knödler - sound engineer with his own company tonKONTOR
Let us wish them good luck, because they will have the hard choice to choose the winner of the Jury Prize category. The lucky winner will receive his award and the congratulations of the jury members present that day.

Because nothing can replace 4 cm of plastic to make a good short film with three times nothing.


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