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News • Challenge #1 - Decorate a Christmas tree

Challenge #1 - Decorate a Christmas tree

By Max_LGManiac

For the past month, the Brick-à-Brack forum has opened these doors to the English-speaking community. Gradually, the pooling of the tools made available to members is taking place. And one of them is a typical tradition at this site: "Challenges".

The principle is simple: the members of the forum choose a popular theme that they like from the list proposed to them in this topic.

The staff validates this choice and immediately launches the challenge by making it official with a new topic that is dedicated to them (visible by clicking HERE). Above, you will be able to: announce your participation, publish your brickfilm, debate etc...

For this week, the theme will be chosen:

Decorate a Christmas tree

From then on, you only have 3 weeks left to create your brickfilm, until 24th December 2017.

Here, nothing very complicated. You can publish your brickfilm publicly whenever you want. Don't forget to specify in your brickfilm card that it is a Challenge to be recognized in the right category.

After these three weeks of waiting, the winner will be announced after a vote of the Brick-à-Brack staff. The winner will receive a small prize.

You only have 24/12/2017 left to render your project.

On those, good luck to all our participants!


give it all you've got and give all the glory to God!


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