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Brickstars 2017

It is finally here, today we announce the 2017 edition of the Brickstars, the biggest contest of our community.

Just like every year, the judges will evaluate your creations in several categories, like :
- Screenplay,
- Animation,
- Mise-en-scène,
- Sound design,
- Set design,
- Visual effects,
- Cinematography.

The judges will also choose a Best Brickfilm, a Promising Director, and a Best Foreign Brickfilm.

The deadline is December 31st, 2017 (23h59 GMT+1) to enter with your best brickfilm of the year.
It's free, only takes a few seconds, and you can win interesting prizes!

The judges will be talented brickfilmers, representatives of other AFOL websites, and maybe you, if you so desire.

The Brickstars this year are sponsored by La Petite Brique and LEGO, as a RLFM.

Good luck to every brickfilmer!

Be sure to check the contest page for the full rules and details about the prizes, and to ask questions right here if you have any.

You can enter right here for the Best Foreign Brickfilm category :

Big thanks to Kim Ellekjær Thomsen from LEGO who has accepted to provide us with the prizes for this awesome contest.

Cool! I participate!

Nice, I've joined in as well.

Awesome!! Can't wait to enter and see everyone else's submissions! Now which film of mine do I choose...

Is it possible to win in more than one category?

English people can only participate to the "Best Foreign brickfilm", they can't win in more than one categorie, for french brickfilmers, they can win in multiples categories but they can't win more than 2 prizes

Un bug ? Une idée ? Dites le nous dans le Tracker !

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