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#Brickstars2021 🌟

By Yetgo and Gwen Movies (Dec. 1, 2021)


So friends!

Today's topic is: Should Brickstars be permanently removed?

Noooo, just kidding, of course! We could not do without this ICONIC contest!

In short! You read the title, so you can imagine the news that I am going to tell you! Christmas is approaching and therefore the end of the year too, which means ... return of the BRICKSTARS for a 2021 edition!!!


If you're new here and think: "What is this, the most famous brick contest? Or a specialty that stinks of the north ?? Well no! The Brickstars2021 is a competition aimed at rewarding the 10 best English-speaking brickfilms as well as the 10 best French-speaking brickfilms of the past year,2021 !

You don't need to have done a perfect blockbuster to participate! Anyone can come and enter their creation! You just need to have made a brickfilm this year !


The winners will be decided by THE jury of which you can be part !

You just have to send us a little motivation text where you explain how you will make a good judge! You can send it to your favorite moderator!


We haven't talked about prizes yet, because that's what you are here for too, right?
Our top 10 will be greatly rewarded!

So come on and show us what you can do! We look forward to seeing you !
Enter until the 31st of December 2021!

Good luck to the Brickfilmers! May the best win!


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