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VocalFlix : the results (finally yay)

By Ferdinand (Jun. 14, 2021)

Results of VocalFlix that you've been waited

Hi Bàb!

One more time you made some of great animation for this contest..... VOCALFLIX2021!!!!
This year, after 2 years without new edition you were not less than 26 to participate at this challenge.

However I know that If you're here it's for knowing who won the event in first... So let's go!

In 5th place...

In 4th place, we have...

Be careful, let's reveal the top 3 !

in 3rd place, we find...

Ending with 2nd place...

Yes hello, suspense? Everything's good?
Ow yes, excuse me, maybe you want to know the first one identity....

The man who won 1st place...

Congratulations to top 5 of this year! To reward you will hear again with a small set lego! The 1st lot being the set on left and the 5th one on the right, for the rest follow the logic.

Giant congratulations to all for this edition! Rest of ranking available here : this place you know.

I almost forgot our very kind judges that... Judge your participations obviously yes. They are seven, they are beautiful, they drooled a bit when @Brothers in Arms was kicking them ass but they DID IT! And I want to thank them : @Skrins, @AoW-Gamer, @thiago100, @Croco Boss, @BrickMDprod, @Brickmaster Studio and @Nanomega.

For those that need of contest or... Need of victory yes, don't worry because we work on an other event chhhhhtt.... So being careful, and stay tuned...

Have a good day and brickfilm well

¤ Staff loves you ¤

→ Rest of ranking


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