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One Week, one brick, one result!

By Max_LG (Jan. 20, 2022)

Hey, Hey! A few weeks ago in 2021, the community discovered a new type of contest designed to exercise new brickfilming skills! For this new contest, the brickfilmer had to play with two constraints: a visual element and a sound element. Two elements having in common to be unique, incongruous and very visible. You had your choice of a 1x1 brick red ou green,
In the end, the red brick was the most popular choice among the participants! To respect these constraints, you had two strategies to choose from. Either incorporate these elements discreetly into the set or make this constraint an important element in the brickfilm scenario.

Our brave brickfilmer participants showed a lot of ingenuity. Tricks that I suggest you discover for yourself by looking at the 14 entries that were recorded this year. Some of the entries can be seen in this YouTube PLAYLIST .

After several days of study, all brickfilms were scored and commented on by our jury members : @Gwen Movies, @Brick Project, @Brickfield54 , @Kermit and @Max_LG. You can discover, the result of these comments directly on the brickfilms comment area.

Now it's time for the results!

Exceptionally, for this little end-of-year contest, only the top three places were rewarded. As every time, the ranking turned out to be very tight for some entries.

The entries and their final ranking are available by clicking on this button.
Congratulations again to our brave brickfilmers who took part in this contest, which is more demanding than it seems.

See you soon for new events and happy start of the year to all !

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