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SummerContest 2018 - Event 8 and Overall Ranking

By Max_LG (Sep. 11, 2018)

Hello everyone,

The summer season will end in a few days, it is normal to celebrate the end of the season with dignity with the very last results of the summer competition. After having touched on the different stages in the creation of the brickfilm, we obviously had to finish with an ultimate test: creating a brickfilm featuring not a minifig but an animal! For this last challenge, the participants had exceptionally 2 full weeks to create everything. 10 members wanted to take up this challenge.

The members of the jury composed of @Brick Broadcasting , @Maxou44, @Ozone Studios, @MBstudio and @Gwen Movies must have watched these 10 brickfilms carefully (available on THIS PLAYLIST), comment constructively and rate them. After adding the points, a ranking was built. The winners of this eighth event of the summercontest 2018 are:

Third place

Second place

First place

The complete ranking is available in THIS LINK

It should be noted that this eighth round of the summer contest is part of the 7 other rounds that you have discovered week after week. After discussion, we opted for the most equitable and respectful solution for those who participated in many of our events.

Each of your scores have been added together to form an overall ranking. The first 7 events with the same one-week duration received the same coefficient. Only the last week (considered more complex) received a double coefficient. This choice was made according to the total duration of the test (two weeks instead of one).

Now discover the ranking of the big winners of the summer contest:

Third place

Second place

First place

The ranking of the 66 participants is visible HERE.

Thank you very much to all of you for participating in this unique competition.
Thank you very much to our judges who did a tremendous job in scoring 136 entries in total. A real challenge, since all these participations were rigorously rated and commented on in order to help the participants progress. 20 members will soon be contacted to organize the shipment of your prizes. In a few weeks, we will come back to you to collect your impressions and comments. For the future edition of the summer competition to be a tremendous success.

The staff who love you

→ See the playlist

→ See the classification of event 8

→ See the overall ranking of the competition


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