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#SummerContest2018 - Week 4

By MBstudio and SuitedNinjaNerd Productions (Jul. 23, 2018)

Good morning, everyone!

You are all champions and your sets are awesome! Now it's time to move on to the 4th Challenge! (It's hard to imagine we're already halfway into the Summer Contest)

For this week we have another animation challenge for you. This week's theme might give you some trouble, as it's: "Time, a question of speed". The end goal is to animate a minifigure at a normal pace (like you would regularly), before changing their flow to appear as if it's in (slow motion) and then having them accelerate into a (speed motion). Basically you want them to transition between the speed difference of a turtle and The Flash. We recommend animating at 15 FPS. To accomplish (slow motion), you should take more pictures and to achieve (speed motion), you should take less pictures in your sequences.

You have until Sunday 29, July 23h59 (in all timezones) to participate.

Once finished your brickfilm should be posted to BàB and on the contest page here:

The winner will win the LEGO set #60121, the second gets set #60164, and the third one on the podium gets set #60158!

Share your progress with the hashtag #SummerContest2018 on social media! Don't forget to stay up-to-date on the next part of our contest by regularly checking the BàB site and our events calendar.

Good luck and see ya’
The staff!

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