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#SummerContest2019 - Challenge 3 : Post-production

By Yetgo (Aug. 12, 2019)

Hello to all of you!
The last Challenge of the #SummerContest2019 is finally here!

During the first Challenge, you focused on the preproduction of a brickfilm. For the second, it was on the production that we had to be mastered.... Today, as you can imagine, the challenge will be...

Challenge 3: Post-production

For this third and last challenge, you will have to present us a trailer !
The rules today are a little longer than usual:

  • You must create a dynamic trailer from one or more brickfilms. If you don't see what a dynamic trailer is, take a moment to look at the Henri and Edmond trailer, you will understand!
  • The brickfilm or brickfilms chosen for your trailer can be brickfilms that you made before the announcement of the Challenge 3.
  • You can also edit a trailer of a brickfilm that is not yours , provided that the director of this brickfilm gives you his approval.
  • You will be judged only on the editing of the shots, the editing of the soundtrack and the digital effects that you added in post-production (also called VFX).
  • You can add the effects you want and as much as you want. This can be large additions (such as lightning, flames, etc) or something more accessible ( e.g. touch-ups, color grading)
  • The post-production effects that are already present in the basic brickfilm will not give you additional points. You will only be judged on what you do.
  • The soundtrack of your trailer can be created in any way you want. It will be rated according to its dynamism and its ability to accompany the image.
  • Your trailer should last at least at least 30 seconds !
  • You can choose to make a dynamic trailer from any brickfilm(s) , even the most absurd ones like Crocrodile.
  • Moreover, you will not loose points if the chosen brickfilm is not visually very beautiful ( in the same way as you will not earn points if you make a trailer on a Brotherhood Workshop brickfilm...).
And that's all!

So yes, this third week may be a little more complicated than the previous ones... but don't be discouraged!

When you share your trailer with us, don't forget to add the link from the original brickfilms that you used in your editing ! You can add them in the description of your trailer on Brick-à-Brack for example.

The 5 best will receive prizes offered by LEGO !

We hope you will impress us with your beautiful trailers!

You have until Sunday, August 25, at 23h59 to enter your entries at this address !


Good luck!

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