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Invent the Sequel IV

By Max_LG (Oct. 11, 2020)

After three successful editions since 2013, the famous "Invent the sequel" contest is back!

For this type of competition, it is your screenwriting skills that will be put to the test. The principle of this contest is simple: from a short text (the incipit) you are free to create the rest of the story in your brickfilm. All participants therefore start on a common basis in their story. Search in your imagination for the best possible sequel and then make your brickfilm with this script.

A few simple rules will have to be respected for this contest:
  • Participation must have a minimum duration of 45 seconds out of the credits;
  • No time limit;
  • The beginning of your brickfilm must obligatorily start with the incipit;
  • Flashback" events are allowed to contextualize the story but are not the main element of the scenario. You must invent the SEQUEL;
  • The use of violence, sex, incitement to hatred, etc... will be prohibited.
The incipit of this fourth edition is:
"A person walks past a door with a "don't open" sign. He stays in front of the door for a few seconds. He hesitates. Then suddenly he approaches the door."

For this edition, the five best entries will win these great prizes.

Entries will be due before November 23rd, 2020 midnight of your time zone:

23/11/2020 00:00

It is possible to register for the contest by clicking on this LINK or in the #Invent the SEQUEL tab on the home page.

Remember that the story and the originality of the script will be the essential elements in the judges' scoring criteria.
To help you find a little inspiration, come and discover the PLAYLIST regrouping the participations of the first edition in 2013 ("You are the last man on Earth, suddenly there is a knock on the door")

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask them as a comment!
Good luck to all!

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