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THAC XV - Announcements and rules

By Max_LGManiac

This is one of the most anticipated competitions of the year. Every year, the organizers of Bricks In Motion unveil the theme of this titanic and legendary competition with a single motto:"You have 24 hours to create a brickfilm and not one minute more!". To ensure that no participant has worked "ahead of time" several elements must be included to enter the contest.

These elements are:

- One letter

The letter may be uppercase or lowercase, but must always be clearly identified as a letter. The letter can be rotated but not reflected. It can be written or printed on a piece of paper or a sticker directly applied to a brick, it can also be printed on a part or even made from parts and integrated into an assembly.
The "letter" element may appear on a printed LEGO part, but it must be only that letter. An eyebrow or wrinkle on the face of a minifig, or a fold in the shirt on the torso of the minifig are not recognized as letters.

- The color element

Minifig pieces (for example red torso attached to grey legs) may count as a coloured element, but not bricks connected or touching the base plates.
You do not need to include the mod element in titles or credits.
If a sequence needs to be clarified by changing the photo anyway (change of brightness, black and white in color and so on) to be able to identify the mod element, the sequence will not be counted as containing the element and the entry will probably be disqualified.

This means that you can choose to use both elements simultaneously or alternate between scenes. All that matters is that at least one of the two elements must always appear on each of your photographs. The elements must be physically present in each sequence. Items cannot be added digitally in post-production.

To participate, you must be a member of Bricks In Motion before January 6, 2018 and respect the following non-exhaustive list of rules:

- Your registration must be fully completed and submitted within the 24 hour period. To prove it, "mod elements" must appear in each shot of your animation.
- Your entry must consist mainly of LEGO stop-motion animation.
- Your input must have at least 30 seconds of frame-by-frame animation. There is no maximum time limit.
- No mature / explicit content is allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: swearing, excessive / bloody violence, overt sexual content and blatant references to drugs.
- You must not make your registration public before the deadline.
- The use of copyrighted material (including music) is permitted, but not recommended.

At the time the event was announced, a mystery remains about the composition of the jury. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that the latter will be of the same quality as in previous years. They will have the painful task of ranking the entries to choose the winner.

For the moment, little information has filtered out about the three winners rewards. It can be said that the winner will have the honour of choosing the prize he/she wishes to receive from among those offered. The choice will be reduced for the following ones as the best ranked ones have used.

So, good luck to our brave participants who will put all their talent to finish their creation in just under 24 hours. In the meantime, you can refer to the new @chris_gbp tutorial by clicking HERE. And date January 6, 2018 at noon to know the mandatory elements to participate in THAC XV in exactly:

6/01/2018 12 h 00

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