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8x8x8 - Nineth edition!

By Ferdinand (Jun. 1, 2020)

Ladies and Gentlemen..

Brick à Brack have a new contest for you. Well, no, I mean not so new : the good old 8x8x8 !

Presentation :

Seriously! The contest the most iconic of Brick-à-Brack is coming back in a ninth edition !
The rules doesn't change : you must create a brickfilm in a cube of 8 bricks in height, 8 bricks in length and 8 bricks in width!

Some small details :
  • No LEGO piece (brick, decor, minifig) is allowed to come out of this cube.
  • The action of your brickfilm must be concentrated only in this cube.
  • You can place any type of decoration outside your cube if it is not LEGO
  • Your LEGO decor can be smaller than limits of 8x8x8, but now it must to be viewable.
  • The cube can move (for example, you can build a car that respects the dimensions and move it!)
The rules are complicated, so have no hesitation to ask if you have any questions about that!
Warning : any participation that does not respect the rules can be disqualified...

As a result, the staff can ask you for pictures of filming if we suspect a breaking of the rules, so don't forget to take pictures of your decors.
Your efforts will be rewarded because the first 5 will receive a LEGO set !

Set reference : 71121, 60265, 80007, 75967 et 70433

As in the last contest, a minifig will be randomly given to a participant who isn't in the top 5!
You have until Sunday July 12th at 11:59 PM to register your participation.


With those words, good brickfilming! If you want to be a judge, you're welcome!
Good luck!

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