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The results of the English-speaking competitions

By Max_LG (Sep. 23, 2018)

This weekend was full of information. As you probably knew, in addition to the summer contest organized by Brick-à-Brack, two other official contests were held this summer.

Let's start right away with the competition organized by Bricks in Motion. Launched in early June by @Squash, the contest had the theme "Movie Magic". Participants interested in this theme had 3 months to complete their new project. As the entries were not made public until after the competition deadline, the thrilling suspense ended with the announcement of the 11 participants. After 3 weeks of deliberation, the judge's panel composed of @Legoander, @rioforce, @Mindgame and @Squash have just announced the top 10. By chance, having 11 participants, the eleventh and last one had the "luck" this year to know his place in the ranking by deduction. The fate was more favourable to him since the jury could not choose one last one. You will understand why by discovering the ranking below.

It should be noted that @PlasticPointProductions unfortunate candidate who narrowly missed the podium receives the award for the most promising director. This compensation prize is well deserved, as its participation caused a sensation within the jury. I invite you to view it as soon as possible.

At the same time, August was marked by a new competition. This took the form of a multi-round competition. Each round eliminating the participants according to the quality of their animation. The last stage, gathering the 10 best of the competition to compete in the final. After 3 weeks of deliberation, the winners have been announced in the video below.

For those who would not have the courage to follow the video, here is the ranking of the first five, established by the judges of this edition: @sillypenta, @pjlegomotion and @Bricks & Pieces.

Congratulations to all of them for participating in these competitions! And see you next year for the next summer contests!

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