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#SummerContest2018 - Week 8

By MBstudio and Chris Major (Aug. 20, 2018)

Good morning, everyone!

This is it, ladies and gentlemen! Our entire summer at Brick à Brack has built up to the last challenge!

In 14 days, until 2 September 2018, 23h59 (all time zones) you are tasked to make a brickfilm (at least one minute long) which should feature animals! That's right, your main character is going to be an animal! Minifigures are allowed, but only as secondary characters, your main focus is the animal. The animal can be a LEGO accessory or a constructed, brick-built animal.
This week is a full-on brickfilm challenge! You'll be evaluated on your script, your animation, your sets and your soundtrack, so take your time and work hard on all these aspects of your brickfilm!

For this last challenge, we have some amazing prizes to finish with some fanfare! The winner will win the box #76082 from LEGO, the second the box #76044 and the third one of the podium the box #75870!

Spider-Man and Batman are based on animals, so it kinda counts! For prizes, we mean. Not for characters in your brickfilm entry. And we're still not sure about the Corvette though.

Our winners will also win prizes from Brickstuff and Brickwarriors!

When you brickfilm is finished, export it, share it on Brick à Brack and register it to the contest on this page:

Share your progress with hashtag #SummerContest2018 on social networks.

See you soon for the results!
The staff that loves you too much :heart:

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