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Do you know what is SHAC?

By Max_LGManiac

It's kind of the surprise we weren't expecting. Building on the success of the previous competition organized by @NathanWells , @Dyland (another thought leader of the "Bricks in Motion"community) is launching a "new" competition: the SHAC. Behind this acronym of a former glory of women's basketball lies the outline of this new competition: Seventy-two Hour Animation Contest. For the connoisseurs of competitions organised by BiM such as THAC or BRAWL, you will quickly understand the rules. You have 72 hours to create a brickfilm specifically for this contest following constraints dictated by the organizers and announced on D-Day.

To ensure that no participant has worked "ahead of time", several elements must be included to enter the contest. These elements are as follows:

- A Letter mod

- A Color mod

And the novelty making this competition unique:

- A Sound mod

A carefully chosen piece of soundtrack will be unveiled on the day of the competition.

Whereas the two previous mods must appear systematically on each scene (one or both at the same time). The "sound mod" must appear at least once in your brickfilm. You are obviously free to re-use it several times according to your needs. The soundtrack may eventually be "remixed" at will by the participant as long as it is sufficiently recognizable.

You will notice that compared to the previous one THAC . The use of these mods is less restrictive. Do not hesitate to reread the previous announcement of the THAC to answer some of your questions.

A short (non-exhaustive) reminder of the rules to follow to participate:
  • Your work must be fully realized and submitted within 72 hours.
  • The imposed elements must appear in your film.
  • Your entry must have at least 30 seconds of animation in LEGO or similar mark..
  • No mature / explicit content is allowed.
  • Be sure to keep your participation secret from the public for the duration of the competition. You will be invited to reveal it after the deadline has passed!
  • Use of copyrighted content (music or other) is permitted. However, be careful to moderate their use carefully.

Once your participation is finalized, you will need to validate your registration by
by sending an email to: before the dead line at 12:00 P.M. (UTC-5), Monday, March 5th,2018. Your message will include a link to your film (and a password, if necessary), with this subject: SHAQ, [Your BiM username]’s “[Title of film]” (yes, you read it right, SHAQ with a Q!)

Please upload your film to video distribution platforms such as YouTube (not listed) or Vimeo (password protected or any other non-public link).

@Dylan Johnson, @The Login Productions, @One Brick Shy and a fourth mystery judge who will be revealed at the beginning of the contest will have the difficult task of grading all entries based on the originality, animation, staging and design of costumes, sound, history and interpretation of the theme..

The first three winning entries will be awarded a small prize: a LEGO minifig of collectible series. A randomly selected entry from the list of entries will also have the chance to win this small prize. to thank all the participants for taking their time for this competition. Finally, a digital certificate will be given to all participants.

And finally, the most important information: the competitions will start on Friday, March 2nd ,2018 at 12:00 P.M (UTC-5) and will last 72 hours until Monday, March 5th,2018.
See you on March 2nd to discover the "elements" so:

02/03/2018 12 h 00 minutes

→ See the thread of the SHAC announcement

→ See the THAC competition announcement


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