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#SilentContest2020 - Shh shh!

By AwesomepantsFilms (Mar. 13, 2020)

A man approaches and whispers to you in a soft, reassuring voice: "Hey."

But why does he speak so quietly? Because today begins the 2nd edition of #SilentContest!


The #SilentContest is back! This contest is simple: you have to make a brickfilm without dialogue! Voices are therefore prohibited, and so are subtitles and other audio descriptions.
You’d be surprised what kinds of stories can be told without speaking. In fact, I probably could have told you about this contest using pantomime if I was allowed.

Unfortunately, this does mean we’ll miss the sweet caress of Pablo’s voice, but don’t worry. Even though your films may not feature dialouge, Pablo’s sweet reassurance forever lives on in our hearts.

To summarize :

  • No dialogue.
  • No extra-diegetic means of communication (subtitles, intertitles, audio description). And don’t be a smart-aleck. (Or do. Surprise us. Stay within the rules though.)
  • In general, avoid all types of means of communication in your story: your characters are not allowed to communicate through sign language (difficult sans fingers) or texting for example
  • However, you can use sound effects and music!

We invite you to look at the participations of the 1st edition to better understand what you can do if all of this lacks clarity!

As usual, jackpots offered by LEGO, are up for grabs!

Something new from the previous competition: a collectible minifigure blind bag will be given at random to a person who is not in the top 5! Like that, everyone has their chances of leaving with a little surprise!

You have until Sunday April 26 at 11.59pm to participate!


If you’re interested in judging, drop us a message in the comments!
The staff is also there to answer all questions related to the contest rules!

With that, good luck to all!

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