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#VocalFlix2021 - A new contest

By Ferdinand (Mar. 22, 2021)

Hi dear Bàb members,

Today I'm here for explain to you what's the famous contest that is the VocalFlix ! Indeed this contest has already taken place in 2019 where you had to show your competences in voice acting...

Presentation :

So yes, the VocalFlix is a contest where the objective is to work your gorgeous vocal cord : ALL of your SOUND must to be created only with your voice ! Your have in the habit to find your sonds effects or your musics in a lot of website ? Sorry, but in this case I say BOOM it's prohibited.

Participations French and English will be judged in same ranking.

And now, what you are waiting for...

The rewards

For sure! In this contest it will be the 5 firsts who, by jury, will win the beautiful sets just here :
Don't forget! In the rest of participants there is one who can win a LEGO minifigure thanks to... The greatest power of random!!

So don't have hesitation and now, take the first brick that you see, the first ideas that you have and go film!
Good luck


English subtitles are available on the video

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